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Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning  provides an eco-friendly alternative to keeping our homes clean without chemicals.

When steam penetrates surface pores, it removes dirt, debris, bacteria, and other tiny elements with hot vapor molecules.

Benefits of steam cleaning

Cleanups Services offers steam cleaning for both residential and commercial sectors

Residential Steam Cleaning

Steam is a natural and environmental friendly way of cleaning that uses only clean water to provide a powerful cleaning force that kills germs and bacterias. Steam cleaning is environmental friendly because it only uses water. Steam cleaners are multi-purpose gadgets that may be used almost anyplace for a range of activities. If you are looking for a more safer, natural and eco friendly way of cleaning, then steam cleaning is the way for you to go.

Full scope of work we cover for our residential cleaning service:

Living Room




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Commercial Steam Cleaning

With our commercial steam cleaning for offices and other businesses, you can get an  eco-friendly and safer way of cleaning and having a very healthy working environments.

Full scope of work we cover for our commercial cleaning service:

Office Working Areas

Office Kitchen and Break Rooms

Office reception and waiting areas

Office Bathrooms

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